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blown away (in a good way?)

by John at 3/31/2006 09:08:00 PM

Oh, man.

Today I got some new CDs from Amazon. Among them was an EP from The Long Winters, Ultimatum. The first track is called "The Commander Thinks Aloud" and as it played, I thought it was a clever and evocative song, with a cool spacey theme. Then, when I heard the second to last line of the song, it sucked the breath right out of me and sent shivers down my arms.

I don't know, maybe you won't feel the same way when you realize who the Commander is. But I've been thinking about it all evening.


P.S. I haven't ripped the CD yet, but KEXP featured a live version as their song of the day back in February - here's the link.


you are here

by John at 3/30/2006 12:42:00 PM

I just thought this was a neat picture. I mean, I can see my house from way up here! Anyway, the story it goes with is interesting, too, about how intergalactic cosmic wave radiation may be causing drops in Earthly biodiversity every 62 million years.


The Spinto Band

by John at 3/26/2006 05:09:00 PM

Elias and I were just listening to WXPN and we heard a song by The Spinto Band called "Oh Mandy" which on the first listen sounded like something you'd get if you crossed Arcade Fire with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. But it was pretty catchy, and I was still humming the chorus when I went to the web to check them out. It turns out they are the next big thing with the hipsters in New York or something like that (plus they are from Wilmington, DE!). Anyway, you can check out "Oh Mandy" and another tune over at their myspace site. Enjoy.


another birthday boy

by John at 3/24/2006 06:49:00 PM

Nine months and a cheesy smile from Elias.

To the Man of the Day!

by Amy, Bill, Guillermo and Alma at 3/24/2006 01:28:00 PM

Here's to you, John! Enjoy your day!!!


time waster

by John at 3/23/2006 07:02:00 AM

Okay, here's a fun game to play if you have some time to kill (get it?).

Don't Shoot the Puppy (yoink! Boing Boing)

P.S. At first, don't read the comments on the page or the description at Boing Boing. Just give it a try. This game, I think, is actually very full of meaning. It's a metaphor for something, all right.

Update: It looks like the site was boingboinged to death. I assure you that "Dont Shoot the Puppy" was both an amusing game and important commentary, and the rest of your life will be the poorer for having missed playing it. But don't feel too bad.

Update 2: You're lucky - they are back online!


matt pond PA

by John at 3/21/2006 02:27:00 PM

I heard about a band called matt pond PA on the internets this morning, and I checked out their website* on the internets, and then I downloaded some of their songs from the internets to my computer. Pretty good. In at least one of the songs, there was a cello or something like that. They remind me of The Shins, a little bit - just a little bit. I'm going to put them on my "to buy" list, along with (as you may recall) The Long Winters and Winterpills.

Update: While I'm talking about free music, I'll advise you to go visit Harvey Danger's website and download their whole album (free!), Little by Little. Harvey Danger, you may recall, was a one-hit-wonder with "Flagpole Sitta" back in the late nineties. Go ahead and try to hum it - I bet you can't. Anyway, despite their one-der status this album is plusgood and they have a consistently doubleplusgood sound.


* You'll need Flash 6 or better, but you can get that somewhere on the internets.

all you do to me is

by John at 3/21/2006 10:38:00 AM

(click to see the rest of the strip)


spring equinox

by John at 3/20/2006 01:26:00 PM

right... about... now!


happy anniversary

by John at 3/19/2006 09:28:00 AM

The Stuff That Happened (NYT)

Bleakness In Baghdad (Wash Post)

Bush's Greater Middle East (Juan Cole)


Gandhi's rules

by John at 3/16/2006 11:43:00 AM

1) They ignore you
2) They ridicule you
3) They fight you (<-- we are here)
4) You win


say "Arrrrrgh!"

by John at 3/15/2006 06:54:00 AM

New Elias photos now available - click through the picture.


eat or be eaten

by John at 3/13/2006 08:08:00 AM

For a game with that premise, Flow is suprisingly meditative and relaxing. I think it might be the fluid, graceful movement of my beastie.

My hand cramped up, though - I'm not much of a gamer. Give it a shot and be in the zone for a few minutes. You probably need Flash 8.

(found on Fark)

P.S. Ooohhhh.


a disruptive ocean-atmosphere weather event explained

by John at 3/09/2006 11:42:00 AM

Coming In Like El Nino (via Faultline Creek Running North)

(A whole week with nothing to say and then this. Weak.)

Update: Speaking of things to watch, you might want to watch the short "Superman lay broken..." and then check out the lovely robot prints over which I am drooling (see the ELVIS kx-1707 series, especially the beautiful PARK and joyous TRAMPOLINES). It seems I have a birthday coming up, so...


uhoh - this can't be good

by John at 3/02/2006 10:17:00 AM

This from my local NOAA forecast.

I wonder if it means the most dread of the Great Old Ones awakens tonight?

"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn."


Javi y Lucy

by John at 3/01/2006 01:13:00 PM

I saw a part of one of these shorts somewhere on the internets a few years ago, but thanks to Boing Boing, I can now see them all. You really should check out a few of them if you have the chance.

(My favorite part is when the old lady kicks the baby!)

Another movie to My List

by Yuris at 3/01/2006 12:56:00 PM

I was trying to find My List of favorite movies with the Search (this blog) utility but it could not find it, so... I'm kinda hoping you'll remember what I'm talking about: my list of favorite "reality challenging" movies. Anyhoo... I have a new one for the list: "November" (with Courtney Cox).

I saw it twice last week (its a short movie, by the way... a little over an hour long).
The first time I was intrigued by it and by the time it was over ("the third act"), and I realized what I had just witnessed... all I wanted to do was watch it again.
I did, two days later. And it was even better... this time around. Very good movie.

I don't want to say too much. I don't want to ruin it for you, but...
I have to warn you: its not an easy movie "to get". I'm not trying to be a smarty pants here, I say that because even many of the critics did not get it, and a lot of people don't either... but, fortunately many have come to appreciate it: if you look at the user ratings in IMDb, you see this clearly bimodal distribution: a big hump towards the high end of the scale (those of us who liked it!), and another hump towards the low end of the scale.

If you get a chance, check it out.
We can talk about it afterwards.

ps> I also watched "2046" but I'll have to watch it at least a couple of times more. I think it will eventually make My List too.