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Haloscan is gone, Echo is going

by John at 3/12/2010 07:11:00 PM

Well, the old Haloscan commenting system is gone, replaced temporarily by Echo, a new commenting system that would cost $12 a year if I wanted to pay. But I don't, so it will expire and stop working on 3/21.

All the old Haloscan comments will then disappear from the blog. But they are not gone - I have archived them all! However, there is currently (and likely never will be) an easy way to import them into Blogger comments, so they will remain unreadable on the blog.

For future comments, the Blogger commenting system should be working on new posts (at least). Thanks!




by Mark Heng at 3/09/2010 09:13:00 AM

...As seen today on Wikipedia:

What do you think, folks? Is this something you'd play?
It's kinda interesting, the use of video games for meditation and emotional therapy.

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