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PA primary

by John at 4/22/2008 10:49:00 AM

Today is the Pennsylvania primary.

This morning I worked as a poll greeter for the Democratic Party at my polling place:

1) "Would you like a Democratic sample ballot?"

2) "Here are some instructions for how to vote for delegates."

3) "Would you like to volunteer to help out in the fall election?"

I put a bunch of signs in the ground for the people who are running, even though only one race is contested (in addition to some obscure national office featuring two candidates I had barely heard of before). I met some local politicians. I learned that you can often tell a Republican from a not-Republican as they walk toward you, especially if the Republican is a man. We tried to give away donkey and star butter cookies, but a) almost nobody wanted them when asked, and b) almost nobody stayed in front of our table long enough to get asked.

Everyone was polite, except for one guy who was kind of rude to the folks next to us who were encouraging people to vote in favor of the referendum to sell bonds and raise taxes to pay for some improvements to the high school. He walked right up to these guys, dissed them, walked inside to vote, and then came back out to argue with them after voting. They talked for a long time, and in the end he apologized and even waved goodbye when he left.

Wendy came by and, of course, brought the kids with her. I held Graham and Elias ate a donkey while Wendy voted.

When my shift was over, I voted. I even voted in the race to see who would be the Democratic candidate for that obscure national office. I voted for the one with the strange name - I think it would be funny if he won!

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just goofin' around

by John at 4/14/2008 09:40:00 PM

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to engineer is human

by John at 4/08/2008 07:19:00 PM


This is interesting.

On my way to relax and watch a little TV while the boys played quietly, I saw Elias building a couple of towers out of his bricks and and then attaching the train tracks to the top.

A little while later, he came and asked me for help. I knew just what he wanted to do as he explained to me his plan for building an elevated railway, and I showed him how to put together all the pylons and connect the tracks in a circle. I ended up doing most of the work, actually, because he seemed to have a problem with making all the pylons the same height.

After trying out the train he'd built earlier (you can see the little "Daddies" - that's what he calls them - riding on the train cars), he told me he wanted to make a tunnel for it to go through, so I built that too and put it just where he wanted it.

Wendy thought it looked like the Disney World monorail, which it sort of does.

We were lucky with this in that Graham didn't destroy it right away. Graham always wants to play with whatever Elias is playing with, especially blocks or trains. He loves to stand up next to the train table and throw train cars around and rip up track like Godzilla, or push down and smash whatever Elias builds with his blocks. Elias starts out tolerating this, but get frustrated with Graham quickly: "Get this baby away from me!" if we are lucky, or a push followed by a screaming baby if we are not.

(Click through for more photos)

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