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not elite

by John at 8/21/2008 07:57:00 PM

Sure, John McCain doesn't know how many houses he owns*. That doesn't make him an elite. Heck, even I had to think about it a little while before I could decide that I owned just one home. After all, I sort of co-own it with my wife, don't I? And the bank. They kind of own a lot of it too, though I'm not a lawyer and don't really understand all the legal details of that relationship.

But, I thought, the spirit of the question (if not the exacting details) demanded that an honest, pretty-much-gotcha-proof answer would be one. One home.

Hey, did you hear John McCain was a POW?


How about some jokes?

A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says, "Hey pal, John McCain was a POW."

1: Knock! Knock!
2: Who's there?
1: John McCain.
2: John McCain who?
1: John McCain, the former POW.

Q: How many dumb blondes does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: When John McCain was POW, he didn't get any lightbulbs.

Q: When is a door not a door?
A: When it's the door of the cell in North Vietnam where John McCain was held for five and a half years as a POW.

Two peanuts were walking down the street. One was a salted, just like the regular beatings John McCain experienced as a POW.

Q: What have I got in my pockets?
A: If you're like John McCain when he was a POW, probably just a couple of grains of uncooked rice that you're saving to share with the sick lieutenant in the next cell. They might have been given to you by the sympathetic guard who once drew a secret cross with the toe of his sandal in the dirt of the bare prison courtyard on Christmas Day.

Send them to friends! Share your own!


* The answer, apparently, is four that he lives in. The rest are just investment properties.



Cyborg baby?

by Mark Heng at 8/14/2008 01:47:00 PM

From New Scientist Magazine:

This is no ordinary robot control system - a plain old microchip connected to a circuit board. Instead, the controller nestles inside a small pot containing a pink broth of nutrients and antibiotics. Inside that pot, some 300,000 rat neurons have made - and continue to make - connections with each other...


Washington and other places

by John at 8/06/2008 10:16:00 PM

We got back from our super-fun-packed trip to Washington a couple of days ago, and I just uploaded a bunch of pictures from there and elsewhere.

It was great to see Bill, Amy, and Guillermo. (Guillermo is fantastic. He's everywhere you wanna be!) It was also great to see Steve, Cayla, and all the Samms family at the wedding. I'd say more but it's taken more than two hours to get all those photos up and tagged, and now I just want to shower and go to bed.

Note to wanderers: Spokane is the little-known Paris of eastern Washington state. You must visit!


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