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Good the nick of time

by Bill at 6/08/2004 01:59:00 PM

If you are at all like me, you may have found yourself to be out of touch with pop music these days, an unexcited by much of which you hear. But now I live in seattle, home of one of the greatest radio stations of all time. KEXP is where the music matters. I listen to it every morning during my commute and always find some new artist to get excited about. Some of my recent discoveries (I claim these artists in the name of Spain!) have been The Shins, whom offer a refreshingly unpretentious version of power pop and Aqualung, whose song "brighter than sunshine" always puts me in a good mood, even Monday mornings.
Even if you don't like the artists I recommended here I still encourage you to check out KEXP, especially John in the morning (6am to 10am PST), the programing is eclectic and consistently good, without the need to find and play only the most obscure artists that is common with many college stations. Support commercial free radio and check out KEXP!
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Blogger John said at 3:33 PM

Refreshingly unpretentious power pop? I'm in! Both suggestions look good. I'm going to try to find some stuff online and check them out.

I know of no good radio music stations anymore. Steve listens to internet radio a lot, I think, and likes what he hears. I have also heard good things about XM.

But back in grad school, we had KJEE. It was a startup radio station, and for the first year or so had no commercials. They would just play lots of decent music (early-mid 90's college stuff), the KJEE station announcement, and then some voice would come on and tell you what the last 5 or so songs were. I loved that. Later, they turned into a KROQ clone, which by that point had become pretty much a caricature of it's former self (and the model of just about all alt-rock stations, nationwide).

Also, when I was a freshman in college there was PIRATE radio. I recall it actually being a pirate radio station that broadcast from a ship outside the 12 mile limit, but that may be bullshit. It wasn't that good, but we liked it for the mystique. Also no commercials.

Finally, there was 91X, from Tijuana. This station rocked in the late 80s and early 90s, when we could hear it up in Pasadena. It was literally the "Mexican Radio" that Wall of Voodoo was singing about.

(I've left out KTCL, but I was only able to hear that a few times)    

Blogger John said at 4:48 PM

KEXP has streaming archives! I'll check out the 6am-10am block this evening.    

Blogger John said at 10:57 AM

The morning Variety Mix was pretty good. Lots of variety, but not too much.    

Blogger Bill said at 11:09 AM

glad you enjoyed it, the afternoon show is also really good.    

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