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a double dog dare

by John at 7/08/2004 09:37:00 AM

This is good, but it could be better.

Danforth, our new US Ambassador to the UN (replacing Negroponte, who is our new US Ambassador to Iraq), is calling for swift action on Sudan. The UN Security Council is still discussing the draft proposal by the US to ban travel and arms sales to the Janjaweed militia. We should also be acting to authorize funds for humanitarian aid - it's cheap compared to what we spend on so many other things.

But I double dog dare him to call it genocide. This would force the hand of the UN and signatory states under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. Unfortunately, it would force our hand as well (unless we no longer consider ourselves bound by the treaties we sign, which is a possible).

Once again, I'll say it: if we believe in this stuff, we have to act like we believe in it.

You have called/mailed/emailed your congressional representatives, right? And President Bush? You can look up their names, numbers, and addresses at It's so easy to do, and only takes a moment. Here is a copy of the email I sent to Sen. Specter:

Senator Specter,

In May, the Senate unanimously passed S Con Res 99, condemning Sudan
for the crisis in Darfur. I am writing to urge you to continue to
pressure the government of Sudan to end the violence and allow
humanitarian aid to enter the region by supporting Sec. of State
Powell's call for UN action. We must act multilaterally on this issue.
If we act immediately, hundreds of thousands of lives can be saved
from death by disease and starvation.

[name and address deleted, but put it here if you want their attention as a constituent]

See the former post for extra information.

Update: Gambits don't hide Darfur crisis
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Blogger Weisshaupt said at 7:46 PM


Why do you keep expecting a non-legistlative body (e.g. a debate club) to wield legislative and executive power?

Treaties that are signed by the U.N., are just that -- treaties. There is only one way treaties get executed: all parties find it in their current best interest to abide by the treaty.

In Iraq we are enforcing such a treaty, yet strangely many U.N. member nations are not helping us... oh wait, I know why, they don't believe it is currently in their best interests.. and that includes democratic nations like Russia, France and Germany...(ok -- none of those are REALLY democracies)

"if we believe in this stuff, we have to act like we believe in it"

It would be more accurate to say we believe in it here. We are a Nation of Laws, and not of Men. The rest of the world, which has its own cultures, tradtions and ways, does not always follow the American version of morality nordo they have the same respect for Law (or are you saying we should impose our ways on the rest of the world? If so, that isn't very multicultural of you. this kind of thinking is what has led the U.S. has become to become world's policeman, and why we are resented for it.)

most of the world is composed of Zealots, Despots, Monarchs and Dictators who don't recogize law. They only recogize their own self interest.

"unless we no longer consider ourselves bound by the treaties we sign"

Only when it is in our best interset to do so. Altruism in international politics is a sure way to get our country screwed,just ask Machiavelli.

In order for Law to have meaning, the majority must follow the law, and the law must be enforced upon those who do not. The U.N. lacks enforcement capability (and given their membership, I would never give it to them). The other countries don't act that with altruism and don't respect the rule of law and are unlikely to start.. Or do you think there was some fundamental change in the way nations and governments behave recently? If so, what caused that change?

If there is a riot in the street, you don't go out of the house and expect the non-law abiding crowd to suddenly start abidding the law in respect to you, just because you appear to be.    

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